Forgotten Heroes:
Scythe & Shroud

Forgotten Heroes: Scythe and Shroud introduces death as a new power source for Fourth Edition characters. All of the four new character classes presented in this book draw upon the death power source: the assassin, deathwarden, necromancer, and spiritsworn may now be played in 4E games!

The assassin is a dedicated killer that relentlessly stalks his victim, waiting in the shadows for just the right moment to launch a deadly assault. 

The deathwarden is a sentinel on the boundary between life and death who uses his shield to make sure that, when trouble arrives, his friends and enemies each wind up on the right side of that boundary. 

The necromancer is a student of death and undeath who is at home with the grimmest tokens of mortality. His dark arts give him command of the entropic forces that blossom when death triumphs over life, as well as the negative energies that allow the dead to rise again and wreak vengeance on the living. 

The spiritsworn is an armored knight who fights on behalf of those who are no longer among the living. His relationship to the souls of the departed allows him to draw upon the spirits to aid his cause. 


  • RPGNow Fan Review: 5 stars. “Outstanding book, and I've been messing around with it all day, building characters and enjoying the unusual class combinations and power sets that can be found within.”
  • RPGNow Fan Review: 5 stars. “Overall, the team did an excellent job on this book and I'm happy to have bought it. It makes an excellent addition to my "player's options" library.”
  • EN World Fan Review: 5 stars. “The final verdict? Go get it. Death: great concept for power source, campaign story arc, and the seed of conflict between characters. The classes: interesting, well-developed, and fun to play. The extras: Goodman always delivers. You’re sure to enjoy!”
  • EN World Staff Review: 4 stars. “Assassins, deathwardens, necromancers and spiritsworn fill in the striker, leader, controller and defender roles in the latest Forgotten Heroes book by Goodman Games.”

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Rules Set: 4E (GSL).

Writers: Tavis Allison, Eytan Bernstein, Brian Cortijo, Greg Tito
Editor and Developer: Aeryn "Blackdirge" Rudel
Cover Artist: Steve Ellis
Graphic Design and Art Direction: Erik Nowak

GMG4401, 112 pages, $19.99