Cartoon Martial Arts Combat

Outrageous Japanimation action bursts to life with Haiiii-Ya! Create your favorite anime character, then add martial arts styles, special attacks, signature quotes and moves, combat options, and a wide variety of hilarious chi powers like Star Energy Shuriken and Tsunami Water Smash! Increase in power and rank, then decimate your opponents in one-on-one or mass gladiatorial combat! All you need to play is this book and some six-sided dice. So donít wait any longer... the fight is about to begin with Haiiii-Ya! This 64-page rulebook includes everything needed to play this fun, fast-paced tabletop game.

Rules Set: Stand-alone.


  • Fist Full of Comics and Games: "It is fast and fun and offers lots of options to customize your style of play. Whether you prefer a fast pick-up game or a longer, tongue-in-cheek series, HAIIIII-YA! should please."
Resources Created by Brad McDevitt.

GMG4390, 64 pages, $14.99