PC Pearls
A Collection of Character Inspiration

Bring your characters alive...

...then keep them that way!

PC Pearls is an indispensable tool for players and GMs seeking to invest their characters with personality, depth, motivations, and drives. Included herein are tables and treatises addressing every facet of a character's history, each designed to spark the imagination and bring your character to life! This inspiration is presented alongside the adventuring wisdom of Lord Bedlam Havok, survivor par excellence, who was once heard to remark:

"I don't have to be faster than the dragon, just faster than you."

PC Pearls: Because no PC should ever be a meat-shield.

Rules Set: Systems-neutral, designed to be used with any RPG


  • RPG Now Fan Review: 5 stars. "It's full of unusual and serious advice, with sprinklings of levity that caught me off guard and had me laughing out loud."
  • RPG Now Staff Review: 5 stars. "This system-less PDF should be at every gaming table, every game. Whether you are a player or a dungeon master, it is an amazing reference tool for players to use."
  • RPG.net: 4 stars. "Has some useful advice while being entertaining."
  • Paizo.com Fan Reviews: 5 stars in three reviews. "The writers who brought us GM Gems have done it again. This book is simply fantastic. It draws you in, and you don't even want it to let go."
  • Need even more inspiration? Take a look at Barroom Ballads, a free web enhancement for PC Pearls!
  • Check out a 7-page PDF preview of PC Pearls!
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