Book of Templates: Deluxe Edition

Build a Better Monster!

Book of Templates: Deluxe Edition is not merely a tome of templates, but a versatile toolkit with which you can make your imagination a gaming-table reality. Using the templates and new rules from this tome, the monster collections you already possess can be revitalized with new wonder and possibility! Creatures encountered and defeated dozens of times before will take on new dimensions through alterations ranging from simple to complex to the out-and-out bizarre. You'll find all of this along with new ideas for building PC races, exploring the cosmology of your world, and introducing never-before-seen options into your game. Book of Templates: Deluxe Edition includes:

  • More than 70 templates and over 30 variants, creating more than 100 new ways to make an innovative and inimitable monster
  • Fully-statted sample creatures ready for plug-and-play use, including dozens of unique characters, from challenge rating 1/8 to 34
  • Player options including ten new PC races, over 50 new spells, 5 new feats, and 3 fully-detailed domains
  • Complete monster tables showing everything needed for creature construction and modification
  • Insights, alternatives, and hints to inspire and inform
  • New diseases and treasures for your setting
  • And more!

With Book of Templates: Deluxe Edition, you can quickly and easily create creatures distinctive to your campaign, turning tired and familiar monsters into fearsome and frightening foes!

Rules Set: d20 v3.5.


  • 5 stars. "This book is definitely worth buying if you are a d20 fan. I own around 150 d20 books, and I am hard pressed to think of a more useful book for the DM besides the core books."
  • EN World Staff Reviewer Crothian: 5 stars. "This is a great book and about as close to a must have in the realms of fantasy d20 game books as we see."
  • EN World Staff Reviewer Joe Kushner: 5 stars. "Its utility... is not in the samples provided. It's in the ideas provided. It's in the themes provided. It's in the fact that you can take these numerous templates and augment your existing monster collection by a factor of thousands."
  • EN World Staff Reviewer Alan Kohler: 5 stars. "The Book of Templates remains one of the most useful tools in creating new and interesting creatures out there. The authors are not simply content to just translate the templates to 3.5. They jazz the whole thing up with a few more templates, and some nice rethinkings of the existing templates."
  • d20 Magazine Rack: 9 out of 10. "I would recommend this to anyone who likes, or wants to try, tweaking their monsters to create something new."

Produced in cooperation with Silverthorne Games.

Designers: Ian S. Johnston and Chris S. Sims
Additional Design: Devon Apple, Erica Balsley, Robert Blezard, Gregory W. Ragland, Sean K. Reynolds
Cover Artists: Leah and Laszlo Jakusovszky
Developers: Chris S. Sims
Editor: John Cooper
Interior Artists: Carl Mitten and Jeremy Mohler
Graphic Design: Duncan Fielden

GMG4340, 192 pages, $34.99.