Lethal Legacies:
Traps of the World Before

In the elder times, before the dawn of man or even the first birth of elves, an ancient civilization was widely distributed across the world. Now they are long gone, but they left behind a lethal legacy. Their tombs and ruins are filled with the deadliest of traps, many using techno-magical powers not understood by modern scholars. This handbook examines 60 of the devious, deadly traps left behind by this mysterious civilization, with complete d20 stats for each.

Rules Set: d20 v3.5.

Writer: Tony DiGerolamo
Cover Artist: Michael Erickson
Interior Artists: The Forge

GMG4330, 64 pages, $17.99.

Be careful what you open...

What lies within the crystal chest?

Ancient secrets must be hidden in this tome.

What madness is this?

What an odd way to build a hall.

A transparent floor... or not?

What happens if you pay the toll? What happens if you don't?