Demon Hunter's Handbook

No campaign theme is more gripping than a battle against the minions of hell! This jam-packed sourcebook brings to the table everything you'll need to run a fantasy campaign centered around demon hunters. From puritanical holy men fighting for their gods to crazed warriors only one step away from damnation themselves, every classic archetype is covered -- with new ones introduced as well. The handbook focuses not only on new classes, races, and feats, but also covers ways to tailor the existing d20 canon to a demon-hunter theme. It includes rules for possession and exorcism, organizations both pure and demonic, and guidelines for creating truly villainous demons to hunt.

Rules Set: d20 v3.5.


  • d20 Magazine Rack: A-. "The Demon Hunter's Handbook does an excellent job at filling the demon-hunting niche in the gaming universe. From cover to cover, it's a great source of inspiration, imagination, and ideas for the enterprising DM. This book is highly recommended for those who have even a little interest in its subject matter."
  • EN World, TranceJeremy: 4 stars. "If you... want to run a D&D/d20 game based around the concept of demon hunting, then this book, Demon Hunter's Handbook from Goodman Games, is worth buying..."
  • EN World, Staff Reviewer Psion: 4 stars. "The Demon Hunter's Handbook takes a subset of the fantasy gaming experience and provides support for running a more focused campaign around it, both in terms of mechanics and in terms of flavor/idea support. Younts does a good job of tying the two ends together."
  • EN World, Staff Reviewer Joe Kushner: 4 stars. "Interior art is well done, dark and grim, matching the source material... The book provides a lot of free hand tools for the GM to use in his campaign. It doesn't break out all the little details or go into specifics but for the most part, that's a good thing."

Writer: Patrick Younts
Interior Artists: Alex Kosakowski, Doug Kovacs, Claudio Muniz, Matt Morrow, Mikolaj Ostapiuk
Cover Artist: Thomas Denmark

GMG4320, 96 pages, $19.99.

A demon hunter works with all available options -- including the eldritch-charged remains of his foes.

A demon hunter prepares her tools.

No two demon lords are the same.

The demon hunter must always be ready!

The righteous sword, a holy warrior who stands valiantly -- and hopelessly -- against the demonic horde.

A reformed cultist infiltrates his former brethren.