Beyond Monks: The Art of the Fight

Beyond Monks: The Art of the Fight adds the excitement of the martial arts to any campaign. Expanded and revised from the best-selling PDF sourcebook, this 96 page resource features:

  • The new Martial Artist core class. The Martial Artist is a combat expert who relies on precision, knowledge, and skill to win rather than brute force or supernatural powers.
  • Thirteen new prestige classes that specialize in unarmed combat, each complete with a sample NPC: Armor Pugilist, Blade Artist, Blood Hunter, Crooked Monk, Ghost Killer, Ki Adept, Ki Mystic, Perfect Weapon, Psynergist, Serpent Underfoot, Storm Seeker, Sylvan Monk, and the Tanterist.
  • Over 100 new feats for monks, martial artists, and other classes, including new types of feats such as the Stance and supernatural Ki feats. Plus an additional 21 Style Mastery feats available only to the most skilled warriors.
  • Archetypes for the multiclass martial artist are detailed, including the beast observer, ninja, and weapon master.
  • Advice for creating and playing an effective monk, and customizing the monk class to suit your campaign.
  • Rules and guidelines for running cinematic combats. Make your game run like a movie instead of a novel!
  • Dozens of other options, including additional rules for weapon improvisation, special effects for characters that can move at very high speeds, a new race, and new magic items.
  • And, of course, an extra prestige class: the Drunken Master, complete with drinking rules!
  • A bonus modern d20 section includes two new advanced classes designed for Fast and Dedicated heroes: the Nimble Fighter and Warrior Philosopher, plus variant rules for non-lethal combat and three new feats.
  • Go beyond the monk. Bring the martial arts to life in your d20 game!

    Rules Set: d20 v3.5.


  • Honorable Mention, Best Rules Sourcebook, Gen Con ENnie Awards 2002
  • Reviews

  • EN World, staff reviewer Joe Kushner: 4 stars. "There's a wide amount of PrCs so if you're looking for something specific from the martial art world, it's probably here. Perfect Weapon, a true master of unarmed combat? Covered. Ghost Killer? Covered. Drunken Master? Covered."
  • Writer: James Garr
    Cover Artist: Monte Moore
    Interior Artists: Scott Drouin, Brian England, Michael Erickson, Blaine Taggart, and David Zenz

    Produced in cooperation with Chainmail Bikini Games.

    GMG4300, 96 pages, $20.00.

    The drunken master in action.

    The crooked monk.

    A ki adept.

    The serpent underfoot.

    The tanterist.

    The hecavir, a mystical race skilled in martial arts.