Primeval Groves:
The Wanderers Guild Guide to Dangerous
and Unusual Plant Life

The bounty of life surrounds us all, yet most of you will never see the true beauty and horror that the mother earth has given to us.

From the usefulness of the goodberry plant and the gub nut to the seething hatred running through the sap of the pine brethren, mother earth can be a most temperamental bed fellow.

Traveling from the deepest darkest woodlands and across the most treacherous of seas, I have journeyed with my companion, young Matron Grubb, so as to enlighten and warn you all with a selection of shoots, roots and legumes to behold, befuddle and ... b e w a r e

-- From the Journals of Gubin Turnipheed

This tome, the third in a series of guidebooks by the legendary Wanderers Guild, is a collection of essays and expositions by the renowned Gubbin Turnipheed. Gubbin has noted his findings from years of exploration across the known (and unknown) lands, with his companion Matron Grubb etching what he finds in his own special style. Here you will find detailed narrative and remarkable depictions of the creatures, races, herbs, useful plants, peoples and gods that Gubbin has encountered on his travels.

Matron's etchings have been converted to a more distinguished style by Guild Illuminator Scott Purdy, while Gubin's original manuscripts are translated by master scribe Andrew Troman. They have brought together this d20 system sourcebook to ensure that those traveling across the wilds are equipped with the knowledge that not all that is green is edible. Some of it may well be doing the eating...


  • 21 imaginative new plant creatures, all superbly illustrated in the Wanderers Guild style
  • Descriptions of dozens of fantastic plants and herbs, both useful and deadly
  • Fascinating illumination of the wildlands and the people who live there, including:
    • Extensive new rules for druidic grove magic and plant familiars
    • New plant-based races like the green gnomes and mulchmen
    • A new core class, the Hinterlander -- a wilderness survivalist
    • New prestige classes for rangers and druids, like the Boskite Explorer and Xylomancer
    • Plant-based deities, domains, and spells
  • Like all Wanderers Guild books, Primeval Groves features a beautiful presentation system with notations indicating each creature's diet, habitat, and sleeping habits
  • Interactive, community-based online support via the Wanderers Guild web site, complete with fan-submitted entries

Rules Set: d20 v3.5.


  • EN World fan review: 4 stars. "I find it more interesting and useful than Monsters of the Endless Dark."

Errata: Due to a printing error, Primeval Groves was printed using a draft file rather than the final file. It contains some typos, which have been corrected with an errata file. There are two versions of the errata file: one file with just the rules errata, and another file with a comprehensive errata (both MS Word downloads).


Writer: Andy Troman
Artist: Scott Purdy
Graphic Designer: Andy Hopp

GMG4002, 128 pages, $22.00.

A Xylomancer (arcane druid) entraps his foe

The esteemed Gubbin Turnipheed lectures to aspiring members of the Wanderers Guild

Matron Grubb, Gubbin's notorious assistant and representative of the species aborial hungfastier, or "groob," a race of sentient, mobile plant life
The lumbering xylox, a blighted, cannibalistic tree creature that consumes other plants