Monsters of the Boundless Blue:
The Wanderers Guild Guide to Aquatic Organisms

The seas are a realm of unique wonder, singular beauty, and uncompromising danger. They house a vastness of life undreamed of by those who must draw airy breath. Indescribable visions and encounters beyond expression await beneath the waves. Here the benign wisdom of the sagacious B'ThumBala parallels the heartless naltchea's cruel exploitations. Here the allure of a dazzling reef conceals the horrendous predations of a lurking skreit. Here the enchanting song of the sea piper gives way to the chilling dirge of the Devourer of All. Beauty dwells here, but so too does death. --From the Journals of Olin Drammerstad

Second in the series of indispensable guidebooks produced by the legendary Wanderers Guild, this tome is an exciting anthology of essays and observations collected by Olin Drammerstad, famed treasure seeker and gentleman of the sea, and the late Vilg Kepnear, respected scholar and researcher of marine life. The knowledge and accounts of these partners, earned through nearly sixty combined years of exploration and adventure, provide fascinating and insightful reading.

Dozens of previously undocumented creatures are given generous space for detailed explanation and splendid artistic depiction. Additional entries examine equally important topics such as the expertise of the Sea Delvers, their specialized trappings, and the fantastic environments beneath the waves.

Scribed for the Guild by eminent quillwielder Gunnar Hultgren and designed and illustrated by renowned illuminator Andy Hopp, this d20 monster manual continues the Wanderers Guild legacy in a volume designed to arm the traveler of the seas against the dangers and mysteries of the boundless blue.

  • Dozens of imaginative new aquatic creatures, all superbly illustrated
  • Beautiful graphic design
  • Unique presentation system with notations indicating each creature's diet, habitat, sleeping habits, and more
  • Interactive, community-based online support via the Wanderers Guild web site, complete with fan-submitted entries

Rules Set: d20 v3.5.



  • GameWyrd: 9 out of 10. "Worth every penny."
  • EN World, Staff Reviewer Joe G. Kushner: 4 stars. "These books can have multi-utility. Much like Elmore's Women of the Woods, a non-gamer would enjoy looking over this book and admiring the art and different stories even as a GM would take the creatures and integrate them into his campaign. If your underwater campaign needs a boost or you want to slowly introduce a friend to RPGs, this second book in the Wanderer's Guide is your ticket."
  • EN World, Staff Reviewer Psion: 4 stars. "If you are the sort who loved old Dragon ecology articles, this should appeal to you."


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Writer: Gunnar Hultgren
Artist: Andy Hopp

GMG4001, 64 pages, heavy paper stock, art book design, $18.00.

Sample page layout

The heartless naltchea

The B'ThumBala

The Devourer of All. (That's a whale that it's clutching in the bottom part of the picture...)

The Alspir "cuttle fey"

A swarm of ravaging moriesa