Monsters of the Endless Dark:
The Wanderers Guild Guide to Subterranean Organisms

Life, in its abundance, never ceases to amaze. Even here, miles from sunlight, in a realm bereft of green plants and nourishing rains, nature thrives. Tiny, luminous fungi flourish in the footprints of a ravening brath. Mystic kezmarin frolic amid crystal chasms, while the massive golshuda ravages dwarven strongholds. Indeed, life does not simply thrive down here, it shapes the very stones we trod... --From the Journals of Bessimus Camfor

This tome, the first in a series of guidebooks by the legendary Wanderers Guild, is a collection of essays and expositions by renowned Minesweeper Bessimus Camfor. Bessimus draws upon the experience and wisdom gained by decades of exploration and danger to bring this comprehensive guide to life. Here you will find detailed narrative and remarkable depictions of dozens of subterranean beasts and the realms in which they thrive.

Beautifully designed and illustrated by celebrated Guild illuminator Andy Hopp and translated from Bessimus' original manuscripts by master scribe Jon Pollom, this d20 monster manual is the foundation of a legacy designed to edify, inform, and equip generations of explorers who would venture into the unlit realms of earth and stone.

  • Dozens of imaginative new subterranean creatures, all superbly illustrated
  • Beautiful graphic design
  • Unique presentation system with notations indicating each creature's diet, habitat, sleeping habits, and more
  • Interactive, community-based online support via the Wanderers Guild web site, complete with fan-submitted entries
  • Rules Set: d20 v3.5.


    • Nominee, Best Graphic Design & Layout, Gen Con ENnie Awards 2003
    • Nominee, Best Monster Supplement, Gen Con ENnie Awards 2003


    • d20 Zines Critic's Corner: "It's obvious that the designers put a lot of thought into this book and didn't just throw it together haphazardly like some companies do... The book's strengths lie in its more unique approach by focusing on the flavorful text surrounding the creatures and presenting the statistical information in the sidebars. You get a better feel about the methods and motives of the creatures through this manner rather than the drier statistic-only approach favored by other monster texts."



    • Visit the official Wanderers Guild web site
    • The Kezmarin is a free supplement for Monsters of the Endless Dark. This 2-page supplement uncovers a strange new denizen of the endless dark! (300K PDF; originally published in EN World Player's Journal; still uses 3.0 stats)
    • Races of the Endless Dark is a free full-color download presenting background and stats for playing characters from three of the most popular Endless Dark races: the jungen, gaurzam dai, and nowyr.

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    Errata: Click here for Monsters of the Endless Dark errata.

    Writer: Jon Pollom
    Artist: Andy Hopp

    GMG4000. 64 pages. $18.00

    Sample page layout

    The Ilkroun

    The ferocious Brath

    The secretive Gyont

    The horrific Riul

    The barbaric Jungen