Adventures - Third Edition

Levels Number and Title Themes and Challenges
Low Level
0 #0: Legends are Made, not Born Peasants beware! Low-level dungeon hazards, vermin, minions, and a drunken ogre
0 #35A: Halls of the Minotaur Deadly kobold traps, natural dangers, packs of feral dogs, and a mysterious basalt tower in the heart of the woods
1 #2: Lost Vault of Tsathzar Rho What foul sorcery is this? Dungeon hazards and vermin that lead to kobolds bewitched by sorcery
1 #39: Ruins of Castle Churo The decimated remains of a wizard's tower - and the mysterious magical effects that remain
1 WFF#0: Temple of Blood An ancient temple. A sinister villain. And plenty of kobold ass to kick!
1-2 #29: The Adventure Begins TWENTY 1st-level adventures for every kind of campaign!
1-2 #31: The Transmuter's Last Touch A fantastic twist on the classic kobold dungeon!
1-3 #1: Idylls of the Rat King Wererat goblins, zombie miners, and an abandoned mine harboring an ancient secret
1-3 #24: Legend of the Ripper Mysterious ghosts, dangerous thugs, unexplained noises in the night, and the ancient secret of the sea elves
1-3 #28: Into the Wilds Bat-riding goblins, savage cannibals, evil rebels, and the legendary lost vault of Zamuk the Swift
1-3 #41: Lost Arrows of Aristemis Caravan raiders, slavers, and caves full of deadly humanoids!
1-3 #44: Dreaming Caverns of the Duergar Duergar and underdeep danger!
1-3 #45: Malice of the Medusa A dangerous battle against a deadly medusa!
1-3 WFF#1: Rumble in the Wizard's Tower A badass thrill ride against a warlord's hired goons, strange creatures, mystic traps, and powerful minions -- including the warlord's flame-flinging lover and the ghost of his murdered father. Plus: bullet time!
1-3 #51.5: The Sinister Secret of Whiterock A subterranean excursion that exposes heroes to the mysteries of Whiterock!
2 #11: The Dragonfiend Pact Snakes, spiders, badgers, and other cave hazards, leading to the dragonfiend and his pactmaster!
2-3 #42: Secret of the Stonearm A mysterious guild called the Stonehands and their magical augmentations
3 WFF#2: Against the Iron Giant The heroes must defeat a gigantic, iron-shod, town-crushing, monster-smashing war machine!
3 WFF#3: Throwdown with the Arm-Ripper The heroes must face the horrible Arm-Ripper to help a prince regain his missing appendage!
3-5 #3: The Mysterious Tower Dungeon hazards, a lost tomb, and strange magical traps that uncover a wizard's tower
3-5 #36: Talons of the Horned King A buried spaceship, flamethrowers, arctic orcs, and a dragon that shoots lasers from its eyes!
3-5 #43: Curse of the Barrens Barbarians, visions, totems, ice monsters, and the creatures of the North!
Medium Level
4-6 #17: Legacy of the Savage Kings A witch, her orcs, the lizardmen, their shaman, and the evil legacy of ancient barbarian kings 
4-6 #26: The Scaly God Cave critters, troglodytes, underground denizens, and their horrid scaly god
4-6 #27: Revenge of the Rat King A devious urban trap set by evil slavers, featuring a wererat king and his minions
4-6 #3.5: The Haunted Lighthouse Shadows, wraiths, and the secrets of the cursed lighthouse!
4-6 #37: The Slithering Overlord A naga mastermind and his fortified underdeep lair, complete with grimlock centipede-riders, giant shimmering slugs, and drow warriors!
4-6 #35B: The Thief Lord's Vault A series of puzzles, monstrous challenges, and grand traps, each greater than the ones before.
4-6 #48: The Adventure Continues An adventure compilation that's perfect for the next step in a beginning campaign!
5 #4.5: My Friend the Formian More formians than you can shake a stick at, conquered only through guile and stealth
5-7 #7: Secret of Smuggler's Cove New terrors in each level! The undead keeper, a manor full of hazards, the smugglers, their locathah allies, and their evil master
5-7 #23: The Sunken Ziggurat Ancient Babylonian magic, strange tentacled monsters, new creatures of dubious origin, and the residual taint of Tiamat
6-7 #49: Palace in the Wastes A deadly trek through a lost palace dominated by battles between Chaos and Law!
6-8 #10: The Sunless Garden When treants go wild! Bugbears, owlbears, mutated plant monsters, and exploding apple traps; the lost smuggler caves; Nockmort the evil treant, and... the biggest secret of all?
6-8 #16: Curse of the Emerald Cobra Reptilian horrors! Lizardmen, yuan-ti, and new creatures like tzopiloani and inphidians.
6-8 #20: Shadows in Freeport Ghosts, demons, cults, and terrified pirates!
6-8 #34: Cage of Delirium Audio CD Enhanced Adventure. Infiltrate the long-abandoned, fire-scarred, and cursed halls of Haverthold Asylum
6-8 #47: Tears of the Genie Djinnis and desert dangers!
7-8 #5: Aerie of the Crow God Is that a harpy or not? Fowl feathered foes, an old fortress tainted by cannibalism, and the horrid creatures it's spawned; includes the new plague tar elemental, anaethema eagle, and rook
7-9 #8: Mysteries of the Drow Four evil episodes: underdark dangers; the lich and his guardians; remains of the drow stronghold; and the battle in the drow wizard's tower
7-9 #19: The Volcano Caves Hot, hot, hot! Lava-dwelling lobster-men called klaklin; a pyrohydra; dangerous hazards; an awakened spider and a blackguard genie; and a wish-enchanted NPC unlike anything you've ever faced before
7-9 #17.5: War of the Witch Queen A terrifying delve into a witch's domain, featuring horrors from a bygone age and haunted foes
7-9 #38: Escape from the Forest of Lanterns A demiplane that transforms the heroes into little children and sends them to defeat the Warty Witch in her candy cottage!
7-9 #40: Devil in the Mists Vengeful sahuagin, demonic taint, and a hidden Leviathan of the Dark Mists...
7-9 #50: Vault of the Iron Overlord The heroes explore a dungeon made of concentric rings that rotate both in-game and in the physical module as the heroes explore!
8-10 #6: Temple of the Dragon Cult Half-dragon horrors! Deadly dragon-blooded NPCs including fighters, sorcerers, and rogues with the wariest of tricks, supported by humanoid minions and a wounded red dragon
8-10 JG3: Dark Tower An ancient evil has overtaken a once holy shrine. Do you dare discover the secrets behind the myths?
9-11 #12: The Blackguard's Revenge Wights, wights, and more wights in an undead wave that seems to have no end, supported by mohrgs, their terrible master, and a last chance at redemption down in the crypt...
9-11 #25: Dread Crypt of Srihoz A vampire and his twisted tomb
High Level
10 #30: Vault of the Dragon Kings An evil dragon has penetrated the vault of the dragon kings in order to bring about a new age of dragons -- an age that has no place for the likes of man, dwarf or elf
10-12 #4: Bloody Jack's Gold Island peril: fiendish moray eels, deadly barracudas, and giant octopuses, with undead pirates protecting their hoard
10-12 JG1: The Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor Deadly brigands, vicious cultists, and the dusty treasures of the Dragon Kings!
11-13 #12.5: The Iron Crypt of the Heretics Three mighty vaults: ingenious traps, deadly puzzles, devious undead, and strange animated magicks
12-13 #18: Citadel of the Demon Prince Demonic danger: an evil cult, their demon allies, and an extraplanar fortress powered by soul engines
12-14 #21: Assault on Stormbringer Castle A giant's castle, her ogre minions, her magical trinkets, and her mysterious allies.
12-14 JG2: Citadel of Fire A classic battle against wizards and their minions
14-15 #15: Lost Tomb of the Sphinx Queen Dangers of the pyramids: ancient riddles, deadly puzzles, and Egyptian-themed enemies in the most thought-provoking DCC to date
14-16 #22: The Stormbringer Juggernaut Seafaring danger on a living ship crewed by giants and ogres
14-16 #32: Golden Palace of Zahadran A Persian city trapped under shifting sands occupied by exotic demons
15 #13: Crypt of the Devil Lich More unique opponents than we can list, culminating in the very scion of evil herself, the Devil Lich!
Epic Level
21-24 #33: Belly of the Great Beast An epic level adventure across the stars.
Multi-Level Compilations
1-10 Saga of the Dragon Cult An adventure path that sends the heroes across Áereth in pursuit of the red dragon Pyraxus!
1-13 #14: Dungeon Interludes 6 nonconsecutive interconnected adventures that slowly uncover a common threat; episodes feature a xill huntsman, a fiendish wererat, a deadly crystal mine, a sinking wizard's tower, and more
Varies #46: Book of Treasure Maps Six adventures based on the classic concept of fantasy treasure maps
1-15 #51: Castle Whiterock A 700-page castle crawl that takes heroes all the way to 15th level!
0-10 #52: Chronicle of the Fiend A tournament module in three parts that sends the apprentice characters to avenge their master's death!