The Complete Guide to Dragonkin

Dragonkin are bequeathed greed and ambition, but lack the power to claim it. No matter what they do, they can't escape one ever-present fact: they are the spawn of dragons, but they live in the world of man. The Complete Guide to Dragonkin examines these half-bloods in all their forms, from those spawned by polymorphed dragons to the mutant creatures produced by arcane egg-sculpting. It features rules for dragonkin PCs and monsters, new feats and racial templates, four new prestige classes, rules for ancient dragons that ascend to the power of gods, and more! Like all Complete Guides, it is 100% stand-alone and world-neutral.


  • Rules for all kinds of humanoid dragonkin, from half-dragons to the wyrmbred, creatures raised by dragons but not of draconic blood
  • Expanded rules for playing dragonkin characters, including more than two dozen new feats useful for dragonkin PCs
  • Four new prestige classes: the phlebotomist, whiplord, wyrm-dedicate, and primal beastman
  • Rules for draconic egg sculpting, which allows magic users to alter a dragon's form while it's still in the egg
  • New categories for dragons -- the avatar and supreme avatar -- and rules for ancient dragons so powerful they can rival gods and grant spells to followers, including stats for the avatars of each dragon race

Rules Set: d20 v3.5.


  • Fan Review: 5 stars. "But the real treat of the chapter and the whole book is dragon egg sculpting. This allows a spellcaster (one of the prereqs is the ability to cast 6th level transmuation spells) to use the magic of the dragon's blood to make modifications to the embryo. There are 6 pages of rules and examples and pretty much anything goes."


  • Dragonkin Sorcerer Feats: Dragonkin sorcerers are powerful characters, even more so now that they have these new dragonkin sorcerer feats to choose from! (168K PDF)

Writer: Bret Boyd
Cover Artist: Michael Erickson
Interior Artists: Ilya Astrakhan, Brian England, David Griffith, Claudio Muniz, Alejandro Villen Real

GMG3008, 72 pages, $16.99.

Four new prestige classes, including the primal beastman, who indulges the brutal side of his draconic legacy.

Dragon-gods and their disciples: rules for dragons that ascend to godhood and how they can grant spells to followers.

Feats for draconic abilities, including new options for breath weapons.

Rules for draconic egg sculpting. Wizards and sorcerers can alter the wyrm while it's still in the egg to produce all sorts of dragonkin variants!

The results of dragonic egg sculpting can vary dramatically.

Stats and background for dragonkin NPCs, useable as both allies or adversaries.