The Complete Guide to Drow

Drow are the most feared denizens of the underdark, and with good reason. Since the civil war that first exiled the dark elves under the earth, they have been forced to fight for survival on a daily basis. Watched over by dark gods with cruel ambitions, the drow have spent thousands of years evolving into scheming, power-hungry warlords. This book tells their story.

The Complete Guide to Drow is a stand-alone, world-neutral sourcebook covering everything you ever wanted to know about drow. It focuses on aspects of the drow that escape coverage in conventional sources. You'll learn about:

  • Drow mutations and half-breeds, including the half-demon shur and half-goblin urbam.
  • The secretive professions found only amongst the drow: the demon-calling Keepers, the shadowy Dark Blades, the perverse Blood Druids, the half-machine Adamantine Soldiers, and others.
  • The magic, equipment, poisons, and feats of the drow.
  • The subterranean society of the drow, including the horrific war machines they build from the hollowed-out shells of giant beetles.

Rules Set: d20 v3.5.


  • Critics Corner at "The drow are not exactly an original topic, but I must say that much of the material herein turns what you thought you knew on its ear, so kudos for originality."

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Writer: Jeffrey Quinn
Cover Artist: Thomas Denmark
Interior Artist: Brad McDevitt

48 pages, $13.00.

A drow in chitin armor.

The shur: half drow, half demon.

Don't offend the house mother...