The Complete Guide to Liches

Unliving vessels of evil pursuing power known only to the gods!

No creature more fully embodies pure malevolence than the lich. To become one, an evil spellcaster must knowingly consume a potion that will end his life only to resurrect him as an unliving vessel of pure evil. Powered by vile negative energy, the lich's undead body no longer ages, granting him an effectively unlimited horizon to pursue centuries-long schemes. Whether in pursuit of earthly power, eldritch mastery, or enigmatic secrets, the lich has no mortal barriers as he steadily grows in power. As such, the lich provides the ultimate adversary to a party of heroes.

The Complete Guide to Liches examines these foul monstrosities from start to finish: from the earliest days when a lich still resembles its mortal form, to the twilight years when the lich's decaying body is nothing but dust and bones. This sourcebook features:

  • Rules and guidelines for creating a lich, his lair, and his minions.
  • New spells and feats for rounding out lich opponents.
  • New kinds of liches, ranging from the feared dracolich to the short-lived novalich.
  • New prestige classes that let liches explore their special abilities in new directions, such as the Keeper of Oblivion and Necrotic Potentate.
  • A variety of pregenerated lich villains.

The Complete Guide to Liches is a stand-alone, world-neutral sourcebook covering everything you ever wanted to know about liches, both as a player and GM. This 3.5 edition completely updates the original version, and brings this sold-out sourcebook back into your hands!

Rules Set: d20 v3.5.


  • We've put together a 2-page preview of the philolich section from the Complete Guide to Liches. Click here to view it. (190K PDF)

Writers: Michael Ferguson and Bret Boyd
Cover Artist: Jim Pavelec
Interior Artists: Doug Kovacs, Brad McDevitt, Claudio Muniz
3.5 Conversion Editor: Ryan Nock

GMG3003R, 64 pages, $14.99.

The feared drowlich, most powerful of all liches.

A philolich: the reanimated remains of a lich's mortal lover, whose power is linked to that of her lich companion.

A warlich: a warrior granted lichdom by a spellcaster.