The Complete Guide to Wererats

Imagine a race of lycanthropes so devious, so cunning, and so insidious that they conquer entire kingdoms without ever being seen. These are the wererats. Their secretive broods infiltrate key posts in the government, military, and guilds, ensuring political protection from their enemies. When fighting can't be avoided, the mystic Council of the Flesh unleashes its horrific cross-bred monsters, which never give a hint as to their wererat origins. When nothing else works, the hard-hearted Weavers spread filth and disease, eliminating entire cities with a single contaminated breath. Kingdoms fall, power changes hands, and the enemies of the wererats are exterminated, without a single outsider ever knowing how.

The Complete Guide to Wererats is a stand-alone, world-neutral sourcebook covering everything you ever wanted to know about wererats. It includes:

  • Detailed background material on wererat broods and their insidious plans, including social structure, cultural habits, and combat tactics.
  • Details on the secretive Council of the Flesh and their lycanthropic madness, including stats for the horrible creatures they have created.
  • New feats, classes, and skills for wererats and other shapechangers.
  • Supplemental material online.

The Complete Guide to Wererats is the fifth volume in the Complete Guide series. Each Complete Guide is exactly what it sounds like: a complete guide to playing a given kind of monster. As a GM, you'll learn how to run that monster, both in combat and role-playing situations. And since every Complete Guide includes guidelines on playing the monster as a character race, players have new options, too.

The Complete Guide to Wererats can be inserted easily into any fantasy setting.

Rules Set: d20 v3.5.


  • EN World fan review: 4 stars. "The Complete Guide to Wererats has become an integral part of my campaign."
  • EN World: 4 stars. "'s quite good and I think I understand at least in part why Keith Baker won Wizard of the Coast's setting competition. He's a darn good writer with imaginative ideas and an excellent grasp of the D20 mechanics."


  • Wererat Extras: This file contains details on the Pindar and Redtooth broods, and the work of the weavers: magic items, plagues, and the redtooth troll. 600K PDF.
  • Wererat Creations: Here are the stats for the additional monsters we wanted to include but were forced to cut when we ran out of room. 632K PDF.

Writer: Keith Baker
Cover Artist: Jim Pavelec
Interior Artist: Tom Galambos

32 pages, $11.00

Dorian wererats examine a plague victim

Masters of stealth and silence, wererats have eyes everywhere. Can you find the wererat in this picture?

A swarmmaster deploys his minions...

Wererats avoid open combat as much as possible, but when it is unavoidable they fight with unbridled fury.