2013 Holiday Grab Bags

Sample contents shown - exact contents will vary

By popular demand! Last year our holiday grab bags were extremely popular so we’re bringing them back. What is the grab bag? It’s a great gift for the gamer in your life! (Or you!) For a measly $30 + $12.35 Priority Mail shipping, we take a medium sized priority mail flat rate box, and stuff it FULL of randomly selected products! Each grab bag features a selection of Goodman Games products, ranging from our DCC RPG modules to Age of Cthulhu, 4E products, systems-neutral product, leftovers from the 3.5 era, and even some of our old card games. The exact contents will vary, and may include anything we’ve ever published. Some of the product is ding-and-dent merchandise that has some shelf wear or bent corners from toting back and forth to cons, or is otherwise “slightly imperfect.” The exact contents of every grab bag will vary.

This year, we have scrounged up one-of-a-kind items to round out the grab bags. Just to make these an even more exciting gift, every grab bag will include at least one item from the list below:

  • Vintage Goodman Games T-shirts. We found a half-empty box of these in the warehouse recently, dating back to 2002 or maybe 2003. We ask for your T-shirt size with all grab bag orders to see if a T-shirt is right for you! 
  • Dungeon Alphabet unbound covers: From the printer “way back when,” these are suitable for framing.
  • Printer proofs (partial and complete) for various Goodman Games releases over the years.
  • Copies of the Brad McDevitt Art Folio and Stefan Poag Art Folio signed by the artists.
  • Several pieces of original art by Brad McDevitt, including a number of images published in Dungeon Crawl Classics and Complete Guide titles.
  • A copy of Attack of the Frawgs, a DCC RPG licensed release from Thick Skull Adventures, autographed by author Stephen Newton
  • Some of Jobe Bittman’s earliest sketches for DCC #81: The One Who Watches From Below, his winning submission in our Mystery Map Adventure Design Competition, including his sketches of the first two maps and several of the module’s unique monsters
  • An original spell for Age of Cthulhu 7: The Timeless Sands of India, created by author Jon Hook, complete with game rules and an illustrated glyph for in-game use

  • Several pieces of original art by Stefan Poag, including a number of images published in Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure modules
  • Original sketches by Peter Mullen, including several for images subsequently published in Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure modules
  • Print editions of DCC RPG compatible adventure modules from Purple Duck Games, autographed by author Daniel Bishop. 
  • DCC RPG judge’s screens from the Tales from the Fallen Empire campaign, produced by Chapter 13 Press
  • Some of Harley Stroh's original map sketches for his works related to Punjar and Aereth. 
  • Mystery mail: customer returns or “return to sender” address errors, often still in the mailing box. What’s in these customer returns? We don’t know! Many remain unopened.
Note that supplies are limited on the one-of-a-kind items. Once an item is gone, it’s gone! All one-of-a-kind items are randomly distributed. We cannot pick and choose for you – an item may be gone by the time your order is packed.

Grab bags are available in the USA only. Sorry, international guys.

2013 holiday grab bags, $30 + $12.35 Priority Mail shipping. Order by T-shirt size -- while supplies last you may or may not get a T-shirt, and by ordering by size we at least know what size T-shirt to include if you do get one!