Dinosaurs That Never Were

This monster manual presents d20 stats for 50 dinosaurs that could have evolved on Earth -- but didn't. These "dinosaurs that never were" can be found in Storm Valley on the planet of Cretasus, where they have diverged fantastically from their Earth ancestors. Ranging from tiny and highly specialized to vicious killers and 90 HD behemoths, these fantasy dinosaurs present a new vista of encounters for any d20 campaign.


  • Stats and background for 50 "dinosaurs that never were"
  • Details on Storm Valley, its inhabitants, human colonization attempts, and military presence
  • Expanded reference tables for dinosaurs by CR and terrain
  • Rules Set: d20 v3.0.


    • The trogloraptor is an unusual raptor variant that was not documented in Dinosaurs That Never Were.

    Writer: Gregory Detwiler
    Cover Artist: Erik Omtvedt
    Interior Artists: Tim Burgard, William McAusland, Brad McDevitt

    64 pages, $16.00.

    Allosaurus temnonychus, aka "cutting claw"

    Iguanodon gladiusnychus, the "gladius-clawed iguanodon"

    Velociraptor homoides, aka "the man-raptor"

    Anoplotops ferox, aka "parrotbeak"

    Spinosaurus linnormus, one of the bipedal linnorms

    Spinosauropoda cretasus, aka the "tortoise titanosaur"