Cretasus Adventure Guide

A sourcebook and campaign setting covering everything you need to adventure on the world of Cretasus. Features:

  • History and background of the Main Valley and its settled regions, including New Savannah, Fort Tecumseh, Plesiosaur Bay, and other major areas.
  • More information on the mysterious dinosaurs of Cretasus: their habits, behaviors, and interaction with each other and humans.
  • Prestige classes for Dino Warriors and Federal Marshals.
  • GM source material, adventure ideas, town generation guidelines, treasure and encounter tables, and more.
  • d20 stats for 22 more dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, including seven marine monsters, plus the alien Scray.
  • d20 rules for vehicles and the Union's ironclads.
  • Rules Set: d20 v3.0.

    Writers: Fred Bush, Joseph Goodman, Mike Roberts
    Artists: Tim Burgard, Brianna Garcia, Dan Morton, Derek Schubert, V. Shane, Walter Stuart

    128 pages, $22.00.

    A zulep (leptoceratops), savage barbarian dinosaurs of the desert

    The Scray: enigmatic aliens who supply the Union with much of its advanced technology.

    A machinist fumbles with a home-built device as a T-rex advances...

    Big Al's Dino Rodeo.