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DCC Halloween module – The first DCC RPG Halloween module is now available! They Served Brandolyn Red! is a 0-level adventure by Stephen Newton. All orders for the print edition come with a free PDF version, so order now!

DCC RPG fourth printing – The Kickstarter for the fourth printing of the Dungeon Crawl Classic RPG rulebook is coming soon! This will be your chance to get the great new covers hot off the press (here’s a hint…one of the new covers involves silver foil, and the other is by an artist whose name rhymes with “Schmeter Cullen”). Plus a new short adventure by Harley Stroh! The stretch goals will involve many of the cool suggestions made on our forums. Watch this space for more updates!

Previous Updates

September 25 - Now In Stores – You can get Fifth Edition Fantasy #3: the Pillars of Pelagia and Fifth Edition Fantasy #4: War-Lock at your local game store now! While you’re there, pick up a copy of Masks of Lankhmar too! 

September 21 - Convention Roundup – Grandcon is this weekend in Grand Rapids, MI! Look for us there and at these other upcoming conventions:
Sep. 25-27 Grandcon Grand Rapids, MI
Oct. 9-11 Necronomicon Tampa, FL
Oct. 15-18 Con on the Cob Hudson, OH
Oct. 23-25 TsunamiCon Wichita, KS
Nov. 6-8 Gamehole Con Madison, WI
Nov. 7-8 Rocky Mountain Con Denver, CO
Nov. 13-15 Mepacon Scranton, PA
Nov. 20-22 U-Con Ypsilanti, MI

September 18 - DCC #67: Artist’s Choice edition – As we ramp up to the fourth printing of this classic adventure, we’ve asked a variety of artists to re-imagine Doug Kovacs’ original amazing cover art. The artists have all provided B/W inked interpretations of Doug’s original pencil art – each in their own style. This is a very limited edition, and the covers come randomized in an envelope (If you were at Gen Con this year, you had your only chance to choose your cover). Sailors on the Starless Sea, Artist’s Choice edition…coming soon to a store near you!


September 11 - Death by Nexus – The famous Death by Nexus tournament funnel used at Gen Con 2015 is available for free download to play in your Road Crew games! And the Hypercube of Myt is now free for everyone too! For details on how to run a Road Crew game, visit our World Tour page.

September 7 - GM screens for everyone – Did you know we have a variety of GM screens available for our games? From Dungeon Crawl Classics to Peril on the Purple Planet, from Xcrawl to Metamorphosis Alpha, we have the screens you need to keep your plans secret from your players!

September 1 - Appendix N birthdays – Happy birthday to H.P. Lovecraft (born 125 years ago on August 20) and Jack Vance (born 99 years ago on August 28)! For products inspired by Lovecraft, check out DCC #68: The People of the Pit and the entire line of Age of Cthulhu adventures. For a product heavily influenced by Vance's work, try DCC #88: The 998th Conclave of Wizards.

August 28 - Final chance for Epsilon City – The Kickstarter for Metamorphosis Alpha: Epsilon City ends September 1! Epsilon City is a new supplement by James M. Ward to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Metamorphosis Alpha. We’ve cleared several stretch goals already: there will be 64 pages of bonus material, free dice, and a box to contain it all! And there are cool add-ons you can only get through the Kickstarter (like color bands!) Pledge now and get in on this historic event.

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